Winter Talent Showcase

Does Bournville School have talent? It most definitely does, and a lot of it at a very high level! The quality of talent on display at the Winter Talent Showcase was at an incredibly impressive level which left the audience amazed!


What makes the Talent Show such a special and important event is that it gives a range of pupils a platform to showcase their variety of talents and an opportunity to develop both their performance skills and their confidence. It also includes opportunities for event management, administration and technology for other pupils as they support backstage.


Uncovering new talents is also an exciting outcome of the Talent Show; from Orion hosting to the range of musical, vocal, dramatic and dance performances, the audience was left impressed and in awe.  Of course, without dedicated staff, these events can’t happen.  A huge thank you to Miss Brown and Miss Charterton for their dedication over these last months and for going students these opportunities.

Miss H. Poole

Assistant Principal



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