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All state-maintained schools in England are inspected by Ofsted. This includes local authority-run schools, academies and free schools, as well as non-maintained special schools, pupil referral units and further education/sixth form colleges. Ofsted also inspects some independent schools 


School inspection is currently set out in legislation through the Education Act 2005. In this act, the regular two-day inspection is described as a Section 5 inspection and ‘other inspection’ is described as a Section 8 inspection (in England). This includes the new ‘short inspection’ of schools graded ‘Good’.

 Schools that are rated Requires Improvementusually have a full re-inspection within 30 months. 


Schools rated Inadequatehave more regular monitoring, alongside support to improve their rating. 


 Ofsted inspectors look at four main areas: 


  • Quality of education 
  • Behaviour and attitudes 
  • Personal development of pupils 
  • Leadership 

Schools receive a judgement for each of the four inspection areas, and an overall judgement. There are four numerical grades: 


  • 1: Outstanding 
  • 2: Good 
  • 3: Requires Improvement 
  • 4: Inadequate

Ofsted report

Ofsted carried out a two day inspection of Bournville School on Tuesday 31st October and Wednesday 1st November 2017.


During our most recent inspection, Ofsted identified the following strengths, among others:


  • In a very short period of time, the new headteacher has made improvements that are beginning to have a positive impact on pupils’ progress.
  • The curriculum which leaders have designed for secondary pupils is having a strong impact on current pupils’ progress.
  • The trust and school leaders have ensured that pupils’ safety and well-being have a high priority.
  • The early years foundation stage is good. Pupils are making rapid progress in this provision.


Overall the school received Requires Improvement with very positive commentary throughout that the new Head of Academy has made significant changes that are improving the Academy, in time the impact of these changes will show.

Parent view

Ofsted takes into account the views of parents and carers giving parents the chance to tell Ofsted what they think of your child’s school, responding to the questions asked.


The questionnaire can be completed at any time - you don’t have to wait until the school is being inspected. 


Please click the link below to access the survey.


It is important to hear the views of everyone involved in the education of our students, and of course parents are at the heart of this.  As part of our commitment to listening to parents we have a termly parent forum, and since March 2014 we have also been asking parents to fill out a questionnaire at every parents’ evening.


The questionnaire consists of twelve questions – identical to those asked by Ofsted on their Parent View website – which are answered using a Likert scale (i.e. from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree).  In addition there are two free-response questions where parents can tell us the areas that they think we have improved in, and the areas in which they think we could improve further.