Student Leadership

Student leadership provides a wonderful opportunity for students to contribute fully to school life. We encourage students to take up leadership roles in all aspects of school life from Bournville Ambassadors to Agents for Change.

This week I have invited Y10 students to apply for leadership positions as part of our new prefect team.

Students have been told, they must be able to demonstrate:

  • A positive attitude towards the school
  • Belief in our school values
  • Their support of a range of school activities and events
  • Adherence to school uniform and presentation standards
  • An exemplary record in terms of effort, attendance and punctuality
  • A keen sense of responsibility and a high level of motivation

In return, students can expect to gain so much!

  • Evidence for application forms to colleges or employment
  • New experiences from fundraising to supporting younger students
  • Developing new friendships
  • Improvement of skills: teamwork, communication and problem-solving
  • Not forgetting – enjoyment!

If students are interested in becoming a student leader, they should fill in an application form.  The deadline for applications is Thursday 30th June. 


Miss H. Poole – Assistant Principal






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