Year 11 Inter-house Netball

Year 11 inter-house netball took place afterschool on Friday 17th November. There were two teams from Tolkien and Boulton, and one team from Cadbury; with all teams comprising of both girls and boys. Each team participated in at least two matches against other houses; with matches lasting 6 minutes each way.

The matches were played with a competitive and sporting spirit demonstrated from all students; with encouragement from the side lines from other students and teachers.

Results were as follows:

  • Boulton 1 v Tolkien 1 = Boulton 1 won 6-5
  • Cadbury v Tolkien 1 = Tolkien 1 won 5-0
  • Boulton 1 v Cadbury = Boulton 1 won 10-2
  • Cadbury v Tolkien 2 = Tolkien 2 won 6-0
  • Boulton 2 v Tolkien 2 = Draw 3-3
  • Tolkien 1 v Boulton 2 = Draw 1-1

The final standings were:

1st place: Boulton

2nd place: Tolkien

3rd place: Cadbury

Well done to all students who organised their teams, and participated in the event. There were 36 students participating, and an additional 11 watching. Thank you to Mr Kesterton for helping with umpiring the matches.

Miss K. Hughes

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