The ‘Griffinians’ visit…

‘Griffinian’ is the term used to describe those staff or students who once attended or worked at Bournville School, a name which derives from the school emblem; a griffin. A group of over 1,000 belong to the Griffinians and all of them have a great fondness and attachment to the school as well as memorable stories of their experiences. We were very pleased to welcome a representative group to the school today for a coffee morning, where they met school prefects and shared some of what they remembered.

Once a grammar school, the school was strictly a boys school and a separate girls school, the two genders never mixed. A barbed wire fence separated the two schools although we heard of a couple of students who did their very best to overcome the barriers! There were tales of sporting success too, rugby being a sport that has kept many of the Griffinians together for over 50 years.  We learned about residentials to Guernsey and traditions of formal dances and house competitions.  Prefects thoroughly enjoyed hosting the event and intend to revive some past traditions as they work to improve the school community.

We are very grateful for the support of the Griffinians, a community that sets us apart from other schools and we look forward to many more events we will plan and enjoy together!  #tradition

Miss H. Poole

Assistant Principal



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