School Games Level 2 Table Tennis Competition

On Wednesday 22nd November, Bournville hosted the School Games Level 2 Table Tennis Competition. Shenley Academy and Lordswood Boys School took part in the competition, along with Bournville School.

Under 13 Boys (Year 7 & 8):
Each school entered one team in this competition. The Bournville team of Tajay McKoy, Oliver Moore, Mohammed Shamsi and Kieran Coughlan finished in 3rd place. Tajay and Oliver each won one match. Kieran was very unlucky (losing both of his matches 9-11). This was great experience for the year 8 students to play against players from other schools in a competitive situation.

Under 16 Boys (Year 9, 10 and 11):
This event had a total of 10 teams from the three schools. Bournville entered 5 teams; Shenley entered 3 teams, and Lordswood entered 2 teams. There were two groups of 5 teams; with each team ranking their players 1-4. All the players of the same rank played against one another.

After the completion of the group matches, the final was between Lordswood A and Bournville A. Each match in the final involved playing the best of three sets. Lordswood won 3-1 in the final. Saul Greenbrough won the one match for Bournville, and remained unbeaten in the group stages too. Similarly, Vas Charalampos won 4/4 in the group stages. Dale Clancy was very unlucky losing 9-11 in the 3rd set in the final, and won 2 matches in the group stages. Huzaifa Asif won three matches in the group events.

Bournville D team finished 4th, losing to Lordswood B in the 3rd and 4th positional match. Corey McMullan, Arman Ayubi, Hassan Asif and Amaan Mohammed lost 1-3 in the cross over match. Corey recorded the win for Bournville. Arman was the most successful in the group stages winning all 4 of his matches. This was a great effort for the team which comprised of year 9 students.

Bournville E also comprised of Year 9 students, and they finished in 5th place. Oddy Pearce, James Cooper, Qasim Ali (along with a reserve from Lordswood) beat Shenley A in the 5th and 6th positional play off. Oddy won 3 matches; and Qasim won 2 in the group stages. In the cross over match, James and Qasim both won their games.

Bournville B and C found the event a tough challenge, however, it was very good experience for them to play against students from other schools. The B team included Altaf Bukari, Joe Draper, David Bickley-Parton and Taku Mapiye, and they successfully beat Shenley C, as well as Joe and David winning a few other single sets against the other teams. The C Team comprised of Anton Liburd, George McGinty, Kai Shipley and Denis Kiurdzhiev.

Bournville had 23 students representing the school in the event, and played with an excellent attitude. Well done!

Just to remind all students, table tennis club takes place on a Wednesday after school 3.10-4.10pm in the Girls Gym. This is open to students from all year groups.

I would like to say thank you to Mr Summers and Mr Kesterton for their help; as well as Mr Walker who took lots of photographs.

Miss K Hughes

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