School Attendance

At Bournville we work hard with the students to ensure they are the best that they can be. As part of our commitment to the students we closely monitor attendance and punctuality and work with students and their families to ensure students are in school on time, every time.

It goes without saying that those students with outstanding attendance, are most likely to achieve their full potential. Developing a good attitude to this important part of school life will not only help them now but also as adults in the world of work.


  • Good attendance = high achievement
  • It gives students the best chance of being successful at school.
  • Evidence shows students make better progress and get better results than students with poor attendance. For example, in Year 11, an attendance rate of 90% results in underachievement at GCSE examinations by one grade.
  • It allows students to be able to be involved in all activities that the school runs.
  • It supports students to develop positive social relationships with friends and staff.
  • At the start of terms, particularly when classes are new, or where there are planned assessments being held at school, students miss out on key times in their education.
  • It promotes a good work ethic.
  • It supports a safe lifestyle.

How can you ensure high attendance?

  • Do not book holidays during term time
  • Please endeavour to not make routine medical and dental appointments during the school day.
  • Make sure your son/daughter understands that you do not approve of them missing school, but be on the alert for any particular reasons for non-attendance, such as problems with schoolwork or relationship issues that might be troubling them.
  • We ask for your support in helping your son/daughter arrive in school on time, as late arrival not only means your child is missing out, but can also interrupt the learning of others.
  • Take an interest in your son/daughter’s education; ask them about their day and praise and encourage their achievements at school.
  • Government regulations make it clear that parents do not have the right or entitlement to take their son/daughter out of school for any leave or absence during term-time.

Please find our full Attendance Policy here

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