Cricket Festival

Today I took the following students to a cricket festival at the University of Wolverhampton.

  • Pharrell D
  • Jack B
  • Immy C
  • Amara G
  • Lauren R
  • William C
  • Alfie T
  • Jacob P
  • Harry B
  • Darci D
  • Lillian B
  • Dylan I
  • Ethan B
  • Courtney S

The day was a real success and the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The morning was spent doing a range of cricketing activities, a particular highlight was practicing their diving catches onto crash mats!


The afternoon was a competition format, and whilst we sadly did not win the overall tournament, the students were a credit to themselves and the school.  They put in lots of energy and hard work.

I was particularly pleased to hear a comment from Courtney Spittle (year 7),  saying ‘I want to come to this university’, clearly an aspirational activity as well as a fantastic sporting event.

Mr L. Summers


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