Blackwell Adventure, a day to remember!

Blackwell adventure, a day to remember!

A big thank you to all members of staff that made this trip possible. It was a welcome surprise to realise we had a rewards trip, which acknowledged students’ effort and attainment. This enabled all students to unite and develop vital teamwork skills that we wouldn’t usually be able to do. From ziplining to outdoor tree climbing, the trip was a great experience for everyone. I firmly believe that every student who attended the trip was able to learn something new and interact with people who they wouldn’t necessarily choose to usually. Team effort, working together and cooperating were just a few of the crucial points that many learnt whilst on the trip. Blackwell Adventure also allowed those who had never done thrill seeking activities to partake in them which was an exciting new challenge. I am sure that students at Bournville will continue to try hard and endeavour to do their best if Blackwell is anything to go by!

Macey Brinkworth

Y10 student

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