Under normal circumstances, the academy canteen is open before the start of the academic day, at break time and lunchtime for students to purchase a range of hot and cold food and drinks. The dining room offers a pleasant, supervised environment where students can eat meals purchased from school or packed lunches brought from home. Bournville operates a cashless payment system and pupils entitled to free school meals can use their allowance at break or lunch time.

The Trust uses Aspens as their catering provider; a well-established and reputable catering company specialising in catering in schools.

Further information on Aspens can be found at:


Adaptations to Catering during COVID-19

We encourage all parents to send their children to the academy with a packed lunch. We will not be opening our canteen in the usual way, but will be running a minimal service as outlined below.

  • Students who wish to purchase food from the canteen will be able to buy a packed lunch. The packed lunch will contain a sandwich, snack/fruit and a drink. This will cost £2.40 per day. Students will be able to choose from three options and will pre-order their packed lunch a day in advance.
  • In order to purchase food from the canteen, students will need to have money ‘loaded’ onto their account via ParentPay. Students will not be able to pay with cash as we are going to be running a cash-less system.
  • Students who are entitled to free school meals will be given a packed lunch as described above.
  • Food ordered from the canteen will be delivered to the homerooms before break time. Students can decide if they wish to eat their food at break or lunch. We will also be providing every student with a bagel each morning. This will be free of charge. Students will eat their bagel in their homeroom as part of a ‘family breakfast’