Much Ado About Nothing

7Y1 English thoroughly enjoyed their study of William Shakespeare’s ‘MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING’ this Summer Term.  Our live recorded performance to study featured David Tennant as Benedick and Catherine Tate as Beatrice – a stunning comic partnership that was the epitome of timing and rapport.  What also impressed the students was how the entire cast communicated subtext, the meaning behind the lines, so clearly that Shakespeare really was brought to life.  They empathised hugely with how Hero was falsely dishonoured at her wedding, and how Beatrice became rightly furious that, having much fewer rights as a woman in that society, she was powerless to tackle Claudio and restore Hero’s name.  The opportunity to express this in newspaper form was much relished; given a template made in Photoshop, the class forged ahead!  Yousaf Hussain had the option to type his article, and so this is the example we proudly present.

Ms K. Brown – Subject Leader Drama

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