Bournville STARs

In the past term, staff at all levels have worked on improving routines and standards at Bournville School.


In corridors you will now find students walking on the left hand side, one behind the other, using ‘inside’ or quiet voices.  With staff at all levels visible and enforcing these simple instructions, we have seen a real improvement in transitions between lessons.  There is little truancy, calmness and students tell us they feel safer.  Over time we expect these routines to become habits and the expected standard will be met without the reminders.  Currently you will see our dedicated staff in doorways, at key points around the school site and at entrance and exit points taking control and insisting on high standards of uniform, behaviour and movement.


The beginning and end of lessons also has clear protocols using the STAR model where we expect students to:


S – sit up or stand up straight

T – track the speaker

A – ask or answer questions

R – show respect at all times


When dismissed, instructions are given one at a time, in an orderly manner so that they are clear, understood and followed.  Teachers will ask students to firstly stand behind chairs, then put coats and bags on, then lift chairs to place them under tables.  They are invited to leave the room one row at a time with the teacher standing in the doorway to supervise students in the corridor as they leave.  To implement this new routine, a demonstration by senior leaders class by class, helped to provide clarity for staff and students.  Subsequent ‘Practice Perfect’ sessions have embedded and improved the quality of the process.


We will always work to do better and once one target is achieved, we move onto the next.  However, there are real signs and promise that things are changing at Bournville and if you don’t believe me come and see for yourself!




Miss H. Poole

Assistant Principal

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