Year 11 Girls Badminton Team

The Year 11 girls’ badminton team of Sophie Mills, Lillie Stacey, Lorna Davison and Charlie-Jade Hillier took part in the Under 16 Level 2 School Games Badminton Competition on Thursday 17th January at Hillcrest Girls School.

There were a total of five teams taking part, who all played against each other in round robin format.

In the first match v Hillcrest B; Bournville won 3-0. Sophie and Lillie both won their singles, 11-4 and 11-9 respectively. Lorna and Charlie-Jade won their doubles match 11-8.

In the second match v Selly Park B; Bournville won 2-1. Sophie won her singles match 11-3 and Lillie won her singles 11-7. Lorna and Charlie-Jade battled hard but missed out losing 5-11 in their doubles match.
In the third match v Selly Park A; Bournville once again won 2-1. Sophie won her singles 11-7; whilst Lillie had a tough match losing 3-11 in her singles, despite some great rallies. Lorna and Charlie-Jade won the deciding doubles match 11-7 to give Bournville the overall win.

In the final match v Hillcrest A; Sophie had a tough singles losing 3-11. Lorna playing the second singles match missed out losing 10-12 in a closely contested game. Lillie and Charlie-Jade played in the doubles, but despite some excellent rallies, lost 7-11.

Hillcrest A were the overall champions; with the Bournville girls finishing in second place. A big well done to the girls, who played with excellent sportsmanship and determination to succeed.

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