The Role of the Form Tutor

The Role of the Form Tutor – Bournville School


This academic year the role of the Form Tutor has been given a greater level of focus in school.  We understand its importance and have changed the structure of the school day to enable tutees to both start and finish their day with their form tutor, empowering them to be the prominent carer for tutees in school.


Tutors are the first person a student sees each morning and the first link in the pastoral chain of support.  The relationship a child has with their form tutor is often very different to that of any other teacher, it’s a vital relationship for students and their future successes.  Tutors over time really get to know their tutees; their strengths, the things they like doing, who they are friends with, what they enjoy doing outside of school, where they struggle, and what their biggest challenges are.  Every morning tutors will welcome students, reset them into their professional role at school, ensuring they are prepared, punctual and ready to learn.


With warmth and care, students are greeted by tutors at the end of the day too, to reflect on the successes and mistakes of the day that has passed.  Tutors help students to learn from their mistakes and celebrate successes; character development being central to the teaching they impart.  Tutors understand that at Bournville School, tutor time is just as important as the lessons students enjoy and the curriculum content is full and includes sessions on literacy, numeracy and PSHE.  Tutors appreciate they are developing citizens of the future, who have the character traits to succeed and thrive in modern Britain.


There is a great deal of joy too!  This year we will see tutor groups compete and enjoy competitions and activities as they represent their Houses: Austin, Boulton, Cadbury and Tolkien.


Ultimately, form tutors have a pivotal role.  Getting it right means that our students have the foundation they need to flourish.  We thank our tutors for all that they do.


Miss H. Poole

Assistant Principal

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