Proud to be an FMAT Academy

Primary Provision

Primary Parent Forum

At Bournville we value opportunities to regularly communicate with our parents/carers and other stakeholders. Primary Parent Forums take place once a term and enable parents/carers to meet with Mrs Chappelow.

Our parent forums take place between 9 and 10am on:

  • 9th October 2019
  • 11th December 2019
  • 12th February 2020
  • 18th March 2020
  • 6th May 2020
  • 24th June 2020

Typically, these events take place during the morning and provide a chance for parents/carers to receive updates on school developments. The School finds these opportunities to receive parent feedback invaluable and we urge all parents/carers to attend them as educational research shows that children are happier and more successful at school when strong links are forged between school and home.