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Hearing Impaired Resource Base

At Bournville Academy Hearing Impaired Resource Base we aim to ensure our students have daily access to a Teacher of the Deaf and have full access to the national curriculum. We believe that hearing impaired students have the right to access all areas of academy life fully and equally.

We aim to ensure this access by:

We strive for our students to achieve their future ambitions.

The Purpose and Aims of a Hearing Impaired Resource Base

Bournville Academy Hearing Impaired Resource Base caters for students who have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) due to their hearing loss which results in them having language delay and processing difficulties.

The purpose of our Resource Base is to provide a team of specialist staff such as, Teachers of the Deaf, Specialist Teaching Assistants and specialist equipment that will help students to access improved listening environments to support them in acquiring language and enable them to communicate effectively. The Resource Base operates a Total Communication approach which offers a range of communication styles to meet each student’s communication needs and ensure best access to the National Curriculum. Members of the Resource Base Team share specialist knowledge and skills with mainstream colleagues, focusing on language development, particularly of their subject terminology, contributing to the effective teaching of HI pupils. Deaf Awareness Training is delivered by the Teacher of the Deaf to all colleagues and any new members of staff that join Bournville Academy during an academic year.