ATA - Welcome

Thank you for your interest in Bournville, and a warm welcome from everyone connected with the school.

Bournville is a school with a proud history and tradition, where we strive to ensure success for all our learners academically, socially and morally.  We are a ‘family’ with high standards for all members of our community where everyone feels safe, valued and proud.

Education is the bedrock for a successful and fulfilling life.  We want every student to succeed in a 21st Century workplace and have the skills and competencies to do this. I believe that hard work and effort is a key driver in this – our school slogan, “There is dignity in hard work and effort” illustrates the culture here at Bournville.  Our broad and balanced curriculum underpins our ethos of creativity, innovation and mastering of the basics; reading, writing, communicating and mathematics.

School is also about children ‘having the time of their lives’.  We have outstanding students and our aim is to always provide an outstanding education for all of them.  As a school we will constantly strive to make the learning experiences of our students the best it can be.  We aim to fill their days with happy memories and experiences so that they enjoy their learning and develop a thirst for knowledge and make the best progress possible and the greatest success in examinations.  At Bournville, we work together so that our students discover their individual brilliance and become valued members of our community. As a community we will relentlessly pursue excellence in every area of school life - punctuality, behaviour, uniform and respect for all. 

I am extremely proud to be the Head of Academy of such a positive and aspirational school community and am very proud of our students.  I hope you find this website useful and informative about day to day life here at Bournville. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you require any further information.

Mr Mark Rhatigan
Head of Academy


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