Travel Assistance

Birmingham City Council Travel Assistance

We would like all parents to be aware of Birmingham City Council’s schemes to provide free transport for children who meet certain criteria.

1. For students who live a long way from school:
If your child has to walk further than the distance shown in the table below (when considering their shortest possible walking route) then you may be eligible for a free bus pass.  Please look at the webpage for further information



Date of enrolment at Bournville School

Before 1 September 2013 After 1 September 2013
Up to 8 years old 1 mile 2 miles
Between 8 and 11 years old 1.5 miles 3 miles
Older than 11 years 3 miles 3 miles


2. For parents on a low income:
Children from low income families (children who are getting free school meals or whose parents are getting the maximum working tax credit) may be eligible for free school travel assistance.  There are further criteria on the website, which can be found here

3. Students with Special Educational Needs and / or disabilities:
There is also assistance available for students with special educational needs and / or disabilities, details of which can be found here