Stars & Attendance of the Week

At Bournville Primary Provision, we wish to celebrate our pupils every day of the week and how they display our core values of ‘Ambition, Dedication, Integrity, Excellence and Tradition’. Every Friday we have a special celebration assembly to reward the pupils who really have shone through-out the week and are our ‘Stars of the Week’.

Stars of the Week

This week the honour goes to

small star
Class RR
Vineet for Dedication – for reading all of his reception words and all of his years 1 and 2 words. Vineet sets a good example for his class.
Owen for Ambition – for answering and giving reasons for his answer. Owen is a true role model to his peers.
small star
Class RT
Kaidee for Dedication. She has demonstrated some excellent writing.

Ryan M. for Integrity. Ryan has been a great friend to new child.


small star
Year 1
Dayyan for Dedication – for working hard at all activities, especially his independent writing.

Sarah for Tradition - for settling so well into Year 1 and following all of the class and school rules straight away.
small star
Year 3
Assohnyu for Ambition. He has tried extremely hard in maths all week.
Matthew for Dedication. He tried very hard this week to get involved in everything even when things were tricky.
Lilly for Excellence. She has tried hard in all her work and helps out in any way she can.


Attendance Class of the week

At Bournville Primary Provision we are striving for the best attendance – we wish every child to have over 97% attendance. Every week we are celebrating those pupils who have 100% attendance for that week and we celebrate the class who has had the best overall attendance for that week.


blue star
This week with 99% attendance, Year 3 are the winners!