CEIAG (Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance)

'Ambition' is a core value at Bournville. We have a proud history of providing pathways for our students and the quality of careers education, advice and guidance has long been recognised as a strength of Bournville School, supporting students to reach, and sustain, their next steps.  This is shown by our outstanding NEET (‘Not in Employment, Education or Training’) figures over the last five years. 

Year % NEET
2010 0%
2011 0%
2012 0%
2013 0.99% (2 students)
2014 0%
2015 0%


Our careers education, advice and guidance centres around every child as an individual; each student has their own dreams and ambitions - we help them to discover them and pursue them and challenge them to make a difference to their own lives. The CEIAG provision at Bournville is delivered with a high emphasis on one-to-one meetings with a professional careers advisor, alongside whole school or whole class provision.

CEIAG Provision By Year Group:

A driving force of CEIAG at Bournville has been the emphasis on Skill Development. One key principle is that qualifications will get you through the door but it is your attitiude and personality that will get you the job.We aim to develop articulate, resilient learners who present themselves well

CEIAG is mostly delivered through PSHE lessons, and utilises two software packages – KUDOS and Higher Ideas.

  • Year 7: Skill development delivered whole school through lessons including PSHE.
  • Year 8: Skill development delivered whole school through lessons including PSHE. Introduction to KUDOS, and careers information and employability skills in PSHE lessons.
  • Year 9: Careers guidance in Year 9 is centred around ensuring students consider their future careers and make appropriate choices in Y9 options.  Provision includes careers lessons in PSHE time, including further use of KUDOS / Higher Ideas in PSHE lessons and form time, and assemblies discussing how to access careers guidance. 
  • Year 10: CEIAG during Year 10 is centred around Work Experience. Students will receive several PSHE lessons on topics that include how to search and apply for jobs, and the essential personal skills to succeed in an interview and in work.  The latter is delivered through an interview practice day for all year 10 students.
  • Year 11: CEIAG in year 11 is centred around careers Interviews, providing one to one help and advice.  Students also undertake action planning, and make use of KUDOS / Higher Ideas and UCAS progress.
  • Year 12: Year 12 students undergo work placements and received careers interviews, as well as an introduction to UCAS through “UCAS WEEK”. They also keep “Post-18” files whereby they research and record plans and evidence to support UCAS and post-18 apprenticeship applications. Year 12 students are also supported through a series of Learning for Life sessions focused on Apprenticeships, UCAS applications, producing CVs and Employability.
  • Year 13: Year 13 students receive support in choosing, making applications to and interviewing for their next steps, be it University, an apprenticeship or employment. Year 13 students are also supported through a series of Learning for Life sessions focused on Apprenticeships, UCAS applications, producing CVs and Employability.


Careers Advisory Meetings:

Every student in Year 11 will be offered an interview, these interviews are followed up to check on progress and a second interview might be needed.

Students are prioritized in the following orders:

  • Students with SEN, who qualify for Pupil Premium or who are “looked after” students.
  • Students who are at risk of becoming NEET.
  • Students referred by Form Tutors or the Pastoral Team.
  • Students who have self-referred.
  • All other students in alphabetical order.

We also conduct interviews for students in Year 13, and Year 12. These are mainly through referrals from the Sixth Form team or from student self-referrals.  At various times during the year we will also interview Year 9 and Year 10 students from referrals, these come mainly from the Hub and/or Pastoral team.

Work Experience:

Work experience is a major part of our CEIAG provision, with a dedicated week of Work Experience for all Year 10 students.  Students in Year 10 beginning the process of deciding on an appropriate placement from September.  This is followed up by writing to request a placement, and lessons on the key skills they need to be accepted and to impress during this time.

All placements are arranged by the students themselves and not by the school, in order to encourage independence and self-reliance.  Last year, as in most years, every single Year 10 student spent this week in a workplace, with most working in a field directly related to their future career ambitions.  Businesses that our Year 10s worked at this year included the Symphony Hall, Cadbury’s Research and Development department, Queen Elizabeth hospital, scientific laboratories, plumbers, builders, restaurants, manufacturers, primary schools and retailers, reflecting the wide range of careers ambitions of our students.

Volunteering and Student Ambassadors

At Bournville we encourage the development of student’s leadership skills with the aim of increasing future employability.

Current Year 8 students are eligible to become student ambassadors.  The student ambassadors are a group of students who represent the school at various events across the year. Students across the school were asked to apply for the role of student ambassador and had to complete an application form, explaining why they would be a good candidate. Student Progress Leaders selected the best applicants and appointed a number of ambassadors for Year 8, 9 and 10.

Student ambassadors have supported Year 6 students at Induction Day; given speeches at Induction Evening and Open Evening;  answered and returned postcards to Year 6 students who were coming to Bournville; and acted as guides during Open Mornings and Open Evening

In the sixth form students are encouraged to volunteer in lessons for lower school based on subjects they enjoyed but are no longer studying, or based on subjects they are currently studying.

Promoting STEM Subjects

Bournville promotes the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) through our STEM club which is currently open to Year 9 and 10 students.  The STEM project is designed to use scientific theories to excite students in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The students will be researching, planning and creating inventions that tackle real world problems and will also be taking part in projects run by engineering companies, such as National Rail, and working with local universities.