Accelerated Progress Group

Progress Group

The Progress Groups is in place for each year group within Key Stage 3.  The curriculum is focused on narrowing the gap within literacy and numeracy as well as focusing on reading and spelling skills.

Students are taught in the nurturing environment of the DSL Faculty area known as the Hub and it is staffed by the team that use a primary based approach to support students who achieved below age appropriate levels at primary school.  The students have extra literacy support during MFL and Humanities lessons which give the maximum time to deliver the Fresh Start Program as well as project based learning. 

The students are also part of the Accelerated Reading program that provides the opportunity for pupils to experience using the school library environment on a weekly basis which provides further enrichment within the reading support provided by the Fresh Start Program.

The Progress group curriculum is supported by both the English and Math’s department to ensure that students are not working in isolation from whole school and allows open channels of communication to ensure that students can move from the Progress Group into whole school Math’s and English lessons once the gaps in their learning are closed.

The students who are part of the progress group have the continuation of the same staff for each year group and all lessons have in-class TA support as well as other members of the DSL Faculty team providing interventions from the Qualified Teachers of the Deaf, External Agencies and the SENDCO.