Individual Liberty



Individual Liberty

At Bournville we promote and encourage students to show ‘Individual Liberty’. ‘Individual Liberty’ involves encouraging students to exercise their freedom of rights outside government control.  Below you will find just a few examples of where you see ‘Individual Liberty’ in action.

Freedom of speech: In all classrooms we create a safe and nurturing environment where students can feel free to voice their beliefs and opinions without ridicule. Students can make mistakes and errors understanding that this is part of their learning journey.

Freedom of choice: Where possible we encourage students to make their own individual choices, whether this be choosing items from the wealth of healthly options at lunch time to choosing their options in year 9. Where appropriate we also offer students the opportunity to express themselves in different ways throughout the curriculum; choosing their own genre to write in, or picking their own technique for producing artistic representations.

Music: As a school we give the students a choice of taking up a musical instrument in year 7.  Students then have the choice to continue with the instrument if they wish, with the Academy Association subsidising the cost of the lessons for those students for who this may not be financially viable.

After School Clubs: At Bournville School we offer a wide variety of after school clubs; netball, football, tennis, athletics, drama and music clubs. Students have the choice of which club they would like to attend and as a staff we are working to encourage/develop individual’s interests and strengths through this provision.