The Rule Of Law



Rule of Law

At Bournville we talk regularly with the students about ‘The Rule of Law’. Below you will find just a few examples of where you see ‘The Rule of Law’ in action.

Code for Learning: Within school we have a Code for Learning. As well as having this code we feel it is important that students understand why the code has been made and the benefits of following this. For example the students are reminded of the school code and their purpose through relevant assembly themes.

Behaviour management: The school has a structured behaviour management system (the GAR system), which all the students know. To learn more about our school behaviour systems visit our website under policies.

Care for our School: Within school we talk to students about respecting and looking after school property. Within school we have a number of Student Leaders (equipment monitors) and groups (eg: Librarians) who are responsible for the looking after and caring for certain areas.

Through our Assembly programme: Our assemblies promote respect and responsibility through our assembly themes. When lack of respect is shown staff always refer to the school rules and respect during the discussion, focusing the student’s attention so that in the future respect is shown.

Uniform: At school we have developed a dress code for both students and staff to follow. We encourage all students to be individuals but also to take pride in wearing their uniform and being part of Bournville School. Through a united uniform students grow up to respect each other. The 6th Form also has a dress code, this encourages them to respect their stage in education and the expectation to work hard.