At Bournville we promote and encourage pupil voice and participation across all aspects of our school. Below you will find just a few examples of where you can see democracy in action.

Student Voice: At school we believe that all students should make regular, consistent and valued contributions to our school community. Through our Student Voice program all students have the opportunity to give their opinions on key aspects of our community such as behavior and safety, teaching and learning, attainment and leadership and management. The views and opinions of students are highly valued by leaders and staff at all levels and guide decisions that ensure that our school community continues to move forward, now and in the future.

Assemblies: A focus for assemblies to all year groups during the week beginning 27th April 2015 was the UK General Election and how the process will form the new government. We also hosted a forum for local parliamentary candidates, where they talked to students about the 2015 general election as well as their party’s policies. In September 2015, some students in year 10, they were provided with an sight into the political system in Birmingham through the Trailblazer project: this included how decisions are made and how counsellors vote in the council chamber. PSHE Lessons: We have taken a deeper look into democracy by learning about the UK membership of the European Union. Students have researched into pro and against arguments so that they can form their own decisions on the issue. In school, on 23rd June, we too will hold a vote on whether we think we should continue to be part of the European Union – we are excited to see if we will reflect the views of the country?

Awards: We introduced a new reward system of ‘Griffins’ in September 2015. Rewards are presented to students for their effort and achievement in lessons. In January 2016, we hosted a Rewards Evening for student achievement during the 2014/15 academic year and also recognised students achievement in the first term of 2015. We intend to reward students annually so to recognise their achievements in the different subject areas and for demonstrating our school moto of “Successful people work hard, think and reflect a lot”. Staff will nominate students for these awards. Students are nominated termly to go into the Bournville ‘Record of Excellence’ book. Staff are asked to nominate one student from each key stage for each subject area. Students are aware of the nomination process, with all nominations based on excellent work ethic and achievement.