e-Safety information


At Bournville School and Sixth Form Centre, we teach our students how to use modern technologies appropriately to support their learning across the curriculum. The internet can provide a world of opportunities to those who use it securely. Whilst pupils are using technologies at school there is a variety of software that runs in the background, designed to help keep students safe.

It is essential that students learn how to keep themselves safe whilst using the internet and students at Bournville learn about ‘e-safety’ regularly. However it is also important that parents and carers understand the importance they play in this role. Below you will find links for both students and their parents / carers about how to keep safe on the internet.




Age Restrictions for Social Media

What is the minimum age for account holders on these social media sites and apps? Click here to find out.

Facebook Settings

If you're unsure about setting up your Facebook account, then take a look at the following links:

Facebook Help Centre


eSafety Parent evening presentation: click here