Student Voice

Bournville is a school with a proud history and tradition, where we strive to ensure success for all our learners both academically, socially and morally.   We are a ‘family’ with high standards for all members of our community where everyone feels safe, valued and proud.

As we constantly seek to move forward we believe that students play a vital role in the school improvement process.

At Bournville we believe that all students should make regular, consistent and valued contributions to our school community.

Through our Student Voice program all students have the opportunity to give their opinions on key aspects of our community such as behavior and safety, teaching and learning, attainment and leadership and management.

The views and opinions of students are highly valued by leaders and staff at all levels and guide decisions that ensure that our school community continues to move forward, now and in the future.

Student Voice information is collected regularly in a continuous program that includes:

  • On-line questionnaires
    Utilising our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) “Moodle” all students are given the opportunity to complete on-line questionnaires that each focus on a specific area. In 2014-15 our Teaching and Learning questionnaire was completed by 76.4% of all students.

    On-line questionnaires provide students with regular opportunities to give their opinions in a confidential manner.

    This information helps leaders and staff at all levels to evaluate their current practice and identify areas for further improvement.
  • Faculty student voice
    Individual faculty areas collect student voice information periodically. Faculty areas focus on a specific area of school life and how students experience this in their faculty area. E.g. Behaviour and Safety in English or Teaching and Learning in Mathematics.

    This enables faculty areas to identify areas and strength and areas when they can make further improvements for the benefit of all students.
  • Focus Groups
    Following the results of on-line and faculty Student Voice approximately 20 students in each year group are selected to discuss specific areas in more detail.

    This enables students at Bournville to provide in-depth opinions and suggest ways that we can improve our school community.